About the beer...

Lost Lake Pilsner beer was first introduced in the late 90’s by Universal Sales of Oklahoma City. In 2006 Universal contacted Brewmaster Joe Weiss ( with 45 yrs. Brewing industry experience) to be their Brewmaster. Brewmaster Joe as a contract brewer goes to City Brewery each month where he monitors the production of Lost Lakes unique formula. He records all brew analysis to ensure product consistency.  State and Federal reports for each brew are also part of the brewmasters many hats. City Brewery cans, bottles, and kegs the Lost Lake products. Once the packaging is complete Lost Lake Midwest ( Joe and Cheri) take over with the sales and marketing. Lost Lake’s original market was the state of Oklahoma. Their market spread to parts of Colorado and Wyoming. Approximately 4 years ago Joe and his wife Cheri opened the Midwest Division of Lost Lake beer. Presently Lost Lake has 21 distributors covering all of WI, MN, and N. Dakota. Illinois and Iowa are presently being developed with 2 distributors in Northern Illinois and 1 in SE Iowa. Each of the distributors are listed on this web site with their address and telephone number.. Lost Lake’s Midwest sales have tripled in the last 3 years. If you like a pilsner style beer give it a try. YOU be the judge.

About the Brewmaster...

Brewmaster Joe Weiss of La Crescent  MN. started his 45 year brewing career at the age of 17 with the Kingsbury brewery in Sheboygan , WI.  Back then he washed beer tanks with a hand brush.  Were dinosaurs alive then?  The brewing industry has come a long way and so has Joe.  He graduated from the Seibel Institute of Technology in Chicago with a degree in brewing.  Joe worked for G. Heileman Brewing Co. in all facets of management/brewing.  His 45 years of brewing experience took him from the Kingsbury Brewery (Sheboygan WI.) to G. Heileman's Old Style (LaCrosse, WI) to the Schmidt Brewery in St. Paul, MN. and then on to Perry, GA.  He retired from City Brewery, LaCrosse WI. (the past Heileman brewery) in 2004.  In 2006 he started his own brewing/beverage consulting LLC.  Since that time he and his wife Cheri have been busy promoting and selling Lost Lake Pilsner Beer in the Midwest.
Lost Lake Pilsner Beer
Brewed by Universal Sales
La Crosse, WI